Today, a practice from Mindful Magazine:

  1. Find a comfortable, alert, and ready posture. Shrug your shoulders, take a few breaths, and bring awareness to your physical and emotional state in this particular moment.
  2. Now open your computer or click on your phone.
  3. Before you open up your favorite social media site, consider your intentions and expectations. As you focus on the icon, notice what experiences you have in your mind and body.
  4. Why are you about to check this site? What are you hoping to see or not see? How are you going to respond to different kinds of updates you encounter? By checking your social media, are you interested in connecting or in disconnecting and distracting?
  5. Close your eyes and focus on your emotional state for three breaths before you begin to engage.
    Opening your eyes now, look at the first status update or photo, and then sit back and close your eyes again.
  6. Notice your response—your emotion. Is it excitement? Boredom? Jealousy? Regret? Fear? How do you experience this emotion in the mind and body? What’s the urge—to read on, to click a response, to share yourself, or something else?
  7. Wait a breath or two for the sensations and emotions to fade, or focus on your breath, body, or surrounding sounds.
  8. Try this practice with one social media update, or for three or five minutes, depending on your time and your practice.

If you enjoy this one, check their Daily Practices, a whole lot of resources to help you keep learning about mindfulness, they have focussed many of their practices on surviving lockdown – so there may be some useful coping activities for these challenging times.

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