“And there is, of course, bad boredom. The good type motivates you to see what can come of it: “fructifying boredom,” as the philosopher Bertrand Russell called it. The bad type, in contrast, tires you, makes you feel like you can’t be bothered to do anything. (It has a name too: lethargic boredom.)A crucial part of our modern task, then, is learning to assess these different flavors of ennui—to distinguish the useful kind from the stultifying. (Glancing at your phone in an idle moment isn’t always, or even often, a bad thing.) Boredom, it turns out, may be super-interesting.”  Clive Thompson

Today, notice when and if you feel bored. Is it ‘good’ or ‘bad’ boredom? How can you tell? Notice signals in your physical or mental state in the moment. Just notice no need to change anything. As you notice, something super interesting might happen!

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