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“As I pick up my phone to do anything, I simply bring my awareness into why I’m doing it. I make a mental note of why, exactly, I am allowing the little box to temporarily hijack my consciousness.

‘I am going to find a good restaurant for lunch.’
‘I am going to look at Instagram for a few minutes, because I’m bored.’
‘I am going to find out where Tom Petty was born, to settle this argument.’

After a little while, this becomes automatic. This tactic introduces a level of thoughtfulness to a behavior that too often is compulsive and unthinking — the habitual grab of the smartphone every single time we’re bored, or anxious, or looking for something to take us out of the present moment. By bringing attention to those “mindless moments,” we become more attuned to how our smartphone usage [may be] compromising our ability to be present.” Jack

A simple practice to become more aware of your habits, wholesome and unwholesome. Do this for today and then reflect on any changes you may want to make to find the still point in your day more often.


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