“When was the last time something filled you with awe? While young children seem to be wonderstruck on a regular basis, this experience tends to be rare in adults; our attention is by necessity more focused on day-to-day responsibilities and mundane tasks. But awe is just as important for adults, according to a new and rapidly growing field of research. Researchers define awe as the feeling we get in the presence of something larger than ourselves that challenges our usual way of seeing the world. A great work of art, a breathtaking vista, a moving speech, the first flowers of spring—these can all evoke awe.”

Today, read the article ‘FourAwe-inspiring activities’ and pick one of the 4 to try out. What are your options? Write about it, walk it, watch it or read it. The article offers much more useful information on how to do each and why it matters. We have looked at awe here at the Still Web before, in case these 4 are not enough for you today.

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