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Gaby Hinsliff  in a recent article titled: How living offline became the new status symbol described the  Wi-Fi detox as ‘a bit like colonic irrigation for the mind, flushing out all the unnecessary gunge’.  The article  is both funny and thoughtful, worth a quiet cup of tea and a read. She concludes: “But power isn’t the only necessary prerequisite for switching off, shutting up, and moving towards a cleaner and simpler existence. The other, I think, is happiness – or at least being comfortable enough in your own skin not to need constant validation from other people. How creatively fulfilled, how personally content, would you have to be to slip out of sight as quietly as Bowie did, denying himself the last thunderous curtain call of telling the world he was dying?”

May be today is a chance to reflect on your personal responses to this question or just have a hearty laugh with the article.

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