View on You Tube for all written details of your stillness task for today but you can get the essence from the quote below and viewing the video here. Nick Nousanis has been working with this activity for a while and it is a lovely way to take time to reflect on your day and record it in a visual way. This is not drawing comics, it is using the ideas in comics to help you use a page creatively as you think about salient things in your day. We suggest you commit to creating your grid with gesture at the start of the day, and then come back to create it at the end of your day – this way you can think about time and space and paper all day! Here is how Nick describes the essence of the activity:

“So here’s how to think about Grids & Gestures. Quickly, have a look at your ceiling tiles or other grid-ish things around you. If you then imagine putting these features to music, you might have regular long notes on the tiles, some shorter notes, and maybe rapid staccato beats on a ventilation grill. Ok, now come back to a comics page – and think about the idea that in comics, time is written in space. Comics are static – and it’s in the way we organize the space that we can convey movement and the passage of time. Unlike storyboards, to which comics are frequently compared, in comics we care not only about what goes on in the frame, but we care about the size of the panel, its shape, orientation, what it’s next to, what it’s not, and its overall location within the page composition. The way you orchestrate these elements on the page is significant to the meaning conveyed – there are some strong correspondences between comics and architecture in terms of thinking about the way the entire space operates together.” Nick Nousanis 

If you need inspiration or feel lazy, you could do worse than finding time to be curious about the many examples of #gridsgestures on Twitter. Use the hashtag to post if you want to share with others who have been doing this activity daily for a while now.

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