“You get anxious if there’s no wi-fi in the hotel or mobile phone signal up the mountain. You fret if your phone is getting low on power, and you secretly worry things will go wrong at work if you’re not there. These are the typical signs of “always on” stress induced by smartphone addiction.” Mathew Wall

The article talks about the potential ‘tyrant in our pocket’ and how our decision making and productivity can suffer as we lack awareness of how much we use our smartphones. It discusses an app called Moment designed to help you retrain habits by, firstly, letting you know how much you actually use it. Today take time to read about the potential issues of phone addiction: a working week that is just too long for recovery, decision paralysis, a sense of always being stressed about work. Their solution is actually quite practical and simple:

“So if you’re getting ready to hit the beach, set up those “out of office” email alerts, switch off your phone and put it out of reach when you go to bed, and take to heart Dr Grant’s advice: “You’re rarely the only who can resolve an issue.””

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