“It is still dark above the trees when I rise and light a candle and try and settle myself in the same undivided calm as the flame while I wait for morning’s first bird song. Life pulls with its many demands, but for the moment nothing compels me. I am filled with peace; receptive, rather than driven. If today were to be the last one of my life, I would be doing exactly what I am doing now, beginning the day in quiet awareness. Sometimes I read a poem or a bit of scripture. Sometimes I write in my journal. But before this, and mostly, I sit. I try to listen for a consciousness that is deeper and wiser than the rattle and clatter of my surface life. It is precisely for the gift of this consciousness, this centering, that morning after morning I faithfully observe this routine, which I call my “practice.”” Kathleen Hirsh

Today, read the short article by Kathleen. Take time to reflect about what having a spiritual practice means to you. Do you make time for it daily? Is it something that has such importance in your life that you would still do it if this were the last day of your life?

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