“Spirituality and humility have been divorced in the modern version of living a green juice, advanced posturing lifestyle. In Los Angeles some cling to their identity chanting to imaginary animals as fundamentally as the Bible belt clings to their invented taskmaster. That is: they take themselves very, very seriously.

Behind all of this resides a deep fear of inadequacy. Why else would magazines cater to a market always in search of something profound, month after month after issue after issue? Wouldn’t it be profound if we found solace in the moment, aware that while you’re trying to improve, you’re not weighed down by the necessity of perpetual transformation? Does living a ‘spiritual lifestyle’ require announcing it to everyone else?” Derek Beres

We have spoken before about ‘the promise of liberation at the price of a new attachment’ and it seems an important pitfall to keep considering as we search for stillness or anything else that promises ‘improvement’.

Today,  find yourself being positive about being grumpy and do one small thing to find more idle time in your day but tell nobody about it. Read the full article the quote above comes from, well worth the smiles and the learning.

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