Alan Jacobs writes for The Atlantic. We featured him in the past exploring reading at whim. He has now gone back to the old phone above because he did not want to ‘be his phone’ anymore! Well written and insightful, the article is worth a read:

“I was my phone too, but didn’t want to be my phone any more. Yet I couldn’t escape the awareness that even if I deleted all the social-media apps from my phone I was a couple of taps away from restoring any or all of them. That’s what I mean when I say that social media were stalking me from my pocket; and that’s why I wanted a dumb phone.So I turned the house upside down until I found that old Samsung”

Today, take time to reflect on his ‘is social media stalking me in my pocket?’ and read the article to find out what a Punkt is. You might want one.

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#tds447 I went back to a dumb phone (Sep 19, 2016)

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