“One of the things I’ve learned from doing just a few of the exercises in this book is how hard it to stop being so busy and slow down enough to do the experiments. I don’t want to stop sitting in front of my computer, playing games, reading a book, tending to chickens, tidying the house, or a million other things that tug at me, but a few minutes after getting started with one of Droit’s exercises, I feel good about taking a break from those habitual behaviors” MARK FRAUENFELDER (search for 101 to find the review, this is a long guide)


Today, you get to try one of the thought experiments in this wonderful little book titled: Astonish Yourself. You can pick up a copy for 0.01pence in Amazon UK or 0.01dollars on Amazon US. Treat yourself. And if you do not have a bus to take, feel free to adapt the experiment to something more suitable to your lifestyle.

The book?

“The simple meditations in this book have the potential to shake us awake from our preconceived certainties: our own identity, the stability of the outside world, the meanings of words. At once entertaining and startling, irreverent and wise, this book will provoke moments of awareness for readers in any situation and in all walks of life.”

A way to slow down and stop being busy whilst having fun and learning to break a habit – but only if we set the intention to do so, as Mark reminds us in the quote above.


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