“I always try to keep one action, minimum, in between my smartphone and I. This could be as simple as keeping it in a pocket of my jacket that stays buttoned, or in my backpack with the zipper closed. It’s a negligible separation — but it is a separation. Instead of leaving my phone face-up in front of me, on the desk or table, where it’s impossibly distracting, I tuck the phone away where it can’t break my thinking. Once I’m done with the task I needed the phone for, I put it back into its place. This reduces the chance that I’ll get distracted and go from the task to a mindless Reddit binge, or whatever.” Jack


Another simple practice from Jack on Reddit. Today, put a little more distance between you and your phone and note how this impact your use for good or ill. Might you develop a ‘one degree of separation’ habit this year?

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