“Enforced idleness is a rare treat. Those brief moments in life where for one reason or another you are forced to just stop and think. In waiting rooms, queuing, for example, or even just sitting on a train. Waiting for the tea to brew is one of such moments. It doesn’t offer enough time to ‘do’ anything else so you just have to sit and wait, salivating at the prospect of your golden brew.” Dan Kieran and Tom Hodgkinson

Today, enjoy your idle pleasure and if you find it a challenge you may choose to invest on an online course on ‘How to be idle’. We plan to develop expertise in this very important stillness practice, a course may be just the ticket. (Alright, if you drink coffee adapt your idle pleasure to coffee:)

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This Daily Stillness has been recycled from previously published ones:

#tds360 Idle Pleasure of the day: Wait for the tea to brew (Jun 24, 2016)

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