Digital Storytelling site is closing down. This is not unusual in digital life, platforms come and go all the time. What is unusual here is the rationale for the choice to close the site as explained beautifully above by one of its founders Jonathan Harris. They could have redeveloped, they could have sold, they could have started a new site to serve commercial ends….instead they stopped and asked: it is time for us to get back to life?

Take time to close read Jonathan’s words. On reflection: it is time for you to get back to life? Do we have the courage to let go of something that once was inspiration and dream because we now see the limitations? What can we learn from somebody, once fully immersed in digital life, making a decision to go back to life because ‘this world we are blessed to inhabit is more vast and complex that the internet, and more beautifully profound than any virtual world’ we could create? How often do we keep on going with something that is causing inner turmoil because we do not have the courage to jump into an unknown? Is it just about finding a different balance between the physical and virtual?

Today, we take time to sit with questions of purpose and inquire into our ability to sit with what is rather than what could have been.

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