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“The appeal of the gig economy is its flexibility: you can work anytime, anywhere. But for me, this often means that I fall into the trap of working all the time, everywhere. And that makes me really, really tired. I’m certainly not alone. According to a 2013 study by the National Sleep Association, conducted with 1,500 people across six countries, the majority of people (56% in the US, 56% in Japan, and 66% in Germany) aren’t getting enough sleep. And in an even larger 2015 study of 18,000 people across 183 countries, 68% of people said that they yearn to get more rest. Rest, to be clear, is not just about sleep. It encompasses any time spent disengaged from work, whether you’re connecting with family and friends or sitting outside with a mug of tea and enjoying the silence.” Amanda Crowell

Take time to read the article today, it asks us to take time to think about the structures of rest we have in place in our week:

“The march of progress has eliminated most of our structural supports for rest, and we are all exhausted as a result. What can we do to restore the balance we need to function? One answer is to create our own structures. Even if we’re not religious, there’s no reason we can’t instate a day of the weekend to be free of toil and technology.”

Amanda has other ideas, can you gain insight for a new habit that may enable you to say you are rested and in balance rather than tired and stressed?

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