Today, watch “Circles in the Sand” a video of Denny Dyke building a labyrinth in the sand! These are well known for creating a still mind. but nowadays you do not have to travel anywhere to find one. After you enjoy the video, walk your own labyrinth.

Just switch off your notifications and take a virtual tour of the Labyrinth of the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Chartres. Spend 20 minutes in silence finding stillness as you walk. Make a commitment that you will complete it without distraction.

Can you follow the dot and just breathe? Do you find yourself racing ahead? Can you choose to let go of any thoughts that come to mind and just come back to the dot and your breath? It is entirely normal for this to be a challenge the first few times your do it!

If this kind of activity works well for you to find a still point, explore resources in this article where you can even find apps that allow you to walk a labyrinth any time anywhere!


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