“This dynamic stillness is what Dipa Ma calls the crowning stage of Buddhist training, “where consciousness becomes a symphony of loving-kindness, playing in a silent ocean of equanimity. We have now come full circle, arriving where we started as T.S. Eliot write, “knowing the place for the first time.” Coming to rest in the present, wherever we are, becomes the seat of awakening. We are now truly alive, able to care, to work, to love, to enter life fully, with an open heart. We see the lawfulness of life unfolding, the causes of sorrow, and the choice for freedom. We do whatever we can to reduce suffering, and all along we are free” Jack Kornfield Author of ‘After the ecstasy, the laundry’.


Take time to do a slow read of this quote today. Where in your life do you experience dynamic stillness?


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