“One simple technique you can employ is to take 10-second pauses throughout your day. After hanging up the phone, before rushing off to the next item on your to-do list, try pausing and sitting still for 10 seconds. When you arrive somewhere in your car, turn off the engine and sit for 10 seconds before getting out. The opportunities for these pauses are everywhere – between clients, between tasks, between bites of food, after taking a shower our brushing your teeth. Give yourself time to let go of all that just happened, collect your energy, and check in with yourself. Pause and listen to what subtle sensations are present. Maybe you’ll notice very little, and proceed as you would have otherwise. Maybe you’ll notice that you do need to take a trip to the restroom or have a sip of water. Regardless of what you notice, you are giving yourself the gift of genuine presence and asking, “How are you?””

From ‘How are you?’ by David Eyerman

Today we pause a few times and ask ourselves: How are you?

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