Today we exercise our peripheral vision for stillness.

“As you’re reading these words, begin to notice your breathing. Don’t change anything, just letting your body breathe naturally.

Notice where the breathing is taking place. How much of the movement is in the chest, and how much is in the abdomen?

Notice the rate of your breathing. Notice how deep or shallow your breathing is. Notice how you feel. Now continue to notice these things, but with one change:

For a minute or two, stop focusing on the individual words, but relax your gaze and allow yourself to take in the whole screen, and then everything around the screen, right up to the periphery of your visual field.

Now that you’re back …”  Wildmind

Do this again a few times. And again. Watch your mind quieten and your body relax. Now, if you still have some time for stillness click on the article and read the details of why this works.

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