Clara Dollar wrote an essay called ‘My so-called Instagram life’ which offers a case study for the ideas illustrated in the  The Innovation of Lonelinessvideo. An honest an intentionally reflective essay, we think is worth your time today.

“If you spend eight years building a house (no matter how uncomfortable or ugly it may be, no matter how impractical or poorly lit), it becomes nearly impossible to knock it down. That is about how long I put into building my social media presence, into becoming the cool girl I showcase on Instagram and Facebook.”

She then talks about how all this effort creating a social media self, has stopped her developing relationships. She concludes that this self has also “most recently, […] tried to stop me from writing this essay, from admitting to everyone that I am hurting. I wrote it anyway, though, and that’s a start.”

Are you hurting? Taking too much time editing a self online? Can you even admit to yourself that this effort brings up some concerns? If, deep down, you wanted to knock the house down are you falling victim to the sunk cost fallacy?

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