We have had Bored and Brilliant activities here on the Still Web before. They are wonderful and to the point, helping us to notice habit and create a little space to make new habits should we choose to do so.

The host of this great show has written a book about it all. Listen to her interview today. From the blurb: “according to Manoush Zomorodi, host of WNYC’s Note to Self, we should actually strive to feel and endure boredom rather than squash it with the endless stimulation of our smartphones. This counter-intuitive thesis is the subject of her new book, “Bored and Brilliant: How Spacing Out Can Unlock Your Most Productive and Creative Self.” In this extended interview, Manoush and Brooke discuss the neuroscience behind daydreaming and why the culture of the internet maybe be holding many of us back.” And who knows, you might want to order the book too.

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