Santens is 37 years old, and he’s a leader in the basic income movement—a worldwide network of thousands of advocates (26,000 on Reddit alone) who believe that governments should provide every citizen with a monthly stipend big enough to cover life’s basic necessities. The idea of a basic income has been around for decades, and it once drew support from leaders as different as Martin Luther King Jr. and Richard Nixon. But rather than waiting for governments to act, Santens has started crowdfunding his own basic income of $1,000 per month. He’s nearly halfway to his his goal.

Scott Santens’s story challenges us to question some basic assumptions about the way we live. Today take time to think about this question: What if you did not have to work for money? A good place to start is to read The Atlantic article about Scott and then sit quietly on a patch of grass where nothing happens for at least 30 minutes holding this question. What other questions emerge for you?

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#tds39 What if you did not have to work for money? (Aug 8, 2015)

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