It hurts to keep going. Sometimes, letting go is wise, all knowing, balanced even. Other times, perhaps right now, you know you must hold on. It may be a while before you can be released from the onward march. It may not. But for now, don’t let go. Some days you’ll feel strength return, a new surge of power and mercy. You can take a look beyond yourself. Feel things beyond the struggle. See the light dance across your blistered fingers. You may even get it. Other days, perhaps today, it is all you can do to not let go. If it takes all that you have to maintain your footing, fine. If your spirit is quivering and bruised and all that warmth drained from your bravery, it doesn’t mean game over. It means that today you need a tonic. Draw strength from wherever you can. In front of you, beside you, within, above or below you. Get near to what is alive, what is strong. Press your heart close to what’s steady. And for the love of God, Hold on.

Today, just find time to close read this beautiful poem. You may want to go to Brooke’s site to do your reading as it is beautifully formatted there.

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