“Simplicity brings balance, freedom, and joy. When we begin to live simply and experience these benefits, we begin to ask the next question, “Where else in my life can i remove distraction and simply focus on the essential?” Becoming Minimalist

“Walden Pond Concord MA Thoreau quote” flickr photo by jcsullivan24 https://flickr.com/photos/jcsullivan24/2432808760 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license

This post suggests that it is not just physical stuff we can simplify, such as having fewer material possessions, but we can use less words, reduce time commitments, and have fewer goals. Take time today to read their article and reflect on where else in your life you might reduce distraction and have more space to focus on the essential. If you have a little more time, the whole website is full of ideas about how to find space and time via simplification. Take a look.

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