“Do you ever take power naps? If you suffer from chronic sleep deprivation at night, try orchestrating your daily routine to include a nap. Taking a nap is an easy way to counter the detriments of sleep deprivation, reduce sleep deficits, and improve your decision making abilities.”What are the detriments? There are many studies that look at how lack of sleep leads to bad decisions,

“The results reveal that no matter how hard a sleep-deprived person tried to make the right decision, sleeplessness created short-circuits in the brain that prevented them from making the right choice. This study provides new insights into how sleep deprivation can lead to fatal errors of judgement in real-life situations. Two other studies on the effects of sleep deficits and decision making revealed that insomnia can create a double whammy by slowing metabolism while also making someone more likely to crave, and consume, highly caloric junk foods.” Psychology today

“Sleeping on the Job?” flickr photo by FindYourSearch https://flickr.com/photos/findyoursearch/4799644121 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

Today, find sometime to take a good nap. You can also read the article if you want to check just how many hours sleep you should be getting.

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