“In truth, my tendency towards internet-distraction had reached critical levels. I told myself that I could justify my endless mindless scrolling because I was a blogger and academic. I needed to know what was going on in the world of poems and poets, the minutiae of education policy, and the ceaseless commentary about these things. If I wasn’t in touch with what was going on, I said to myself, what would be left of me? What would people think? So I stopped. December came and went, then January, then February. As I say, things were very tough for my family during this time, and I don’t regret for one minute my decision to spend less time online. But it wasn’t easy. I remember getting a text on New Year’s Day from a friend saying he had just tweeted about me and asking me where I was. Not logging back in just to take a quick look round was excruciating.” Anthony Wilson

Today, take time to close read the wonderful blog post by Anthony. Reflect on your digital habits: Do you have habits you do not know you have? Could they be interfering with you ability to do deep work?

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