“No man is an island: we act together, think together and even remember together. Elderly couples have interconnected memory systems, working together to deftly remember their shared past. New research shows that platonic friends see themselves similarly. […] Memory interdependence was the single best predictor of friendship quality, more even than relationship length or a general measure of trust, raising the idea that putting faith in someone else to preserve your past is an important facet of long-term intimacy.” The Secret of strong Friendships



Today, take time to let somebody know you value the interconnected memories you share. May be take time to re-share a few? Start with ‘Remember when we…’ and go from there. Enjoy the stillness of a shared past. You may also take time to evaluate the quality of your online relationships in these terms; what might these findings mean you need to do more/less of in order to build strong friendships online?


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