“Now, this might seem inefficient, and first it slowed me down. But that’s exactly the point. Now when I pick up my phone, I see essentially a blank slate. This means that instead of seeing a bunch of triggers for distractions, I wind up pausing for a moment to think about what I’m doing. Often I lock my phone again and set it back down, realizing that I was just in an avoidant state or trying to distract myself from what I really want to be doing. I try to keep a limited set of useful apps on my devices, and use the built-in apps to the extent that they do what I need them to do. And in the end, I think the slight delay in typing the app name I’m looking for is balanced out by the time I save not mindlessly scrolling through my apps.” Cody De Haan

Today, can you set up your devices as Cody suggests in his blog post? Can you plan in inefficiency to enable intentional pausing in your workflow? HT @johnjohnston for suggesting that ‘clunky-ness’ in the use of a device can offer unexpected insights – like a moment to pause and take a breath in a busy day.

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#tds832 Inefficiency was exactly the point (Oct 9, 2017)

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