“The Banon College has embarked on an innovative and original reading project: to impose on the entire college 15 minutes of reading per day. And when I say the whole college: students, teachers, staff and management! Everyone reads what they want of course, and at the appointed hour, the entire establishment is immersed in silence … A moment of intense communion that has awakened in many students a new vocation for the reading. This daily reading time is respected by everyone, unanimously, while it was a relatively risky bet. In fact, imposed measures are not often well received by students. But this daily meeting soon turned into a real moment of pleasure and serenity.” Reading 15 minutes a day, an impossible challenge?


Could you take the challenge today? For the rest of this week? Who knows it may become a habit…You get to pick the book! Enjoy ‘the pleasure and serenity’ of your 15 minutes. [BTW the video is in French as is the article] HT Rev. Andrew Hunter for this wonderful find.


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