The story of Daniel Suelo, the man who quit money. A BBC article and short video that sums up a book titled ‘The man who quit money’ may be all you need.

Or a 20 minute interview with Daniel explaining his rationale might be worth your time today. His words will challenge some basic assumptions and make you think about the choices we make that stops us from finding stillness in all we do but the music in the video may well annoy you, be warned. We thought it was worth listening to him and ignore the music. In what ways could you imagine changing your life to quit money and find stillness? Daniel has a website if you want more information. And for 2018 we have found an up to date interview where Daniel discusses his philosophy of life as one of following our heart and just taking what we need bringing us back into a balance with nature. So, you have many choices today, choose wisely and with attention before you click.

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