“But, the reality is, as Zehr quite simply points out, that when we photograph, we do not actually reach out and take anything. Light is reflected off our subject and enters through our camera’s lens, projecting a picture. So, essentially, the image is being received, not taken. And for me, here lay a secret to experiencing photography in a new and more profound way: I could open myself up to receiving images; I could change my perspective so that I no longer viewed images as trophies, but as gifts.”

Today read about insights from the little book of contemplative photography by photographer Romina Mandrini. The article speaks about the metaphors and language that is used to define photography, and how we can find some wisdom (and a new approach to photography) by rethinking the idea of ‘capturing’ images. Any application to wider life strategies will be up to you and the time you allow for reflection on this potentially life re-framing article. You may even want to check out the book itself: Little book of contemplative photography – seeing with wonder, respect and humility. It looks to have some very specific exercises to help you find the gift of emergence in photography.

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