Now here is a question worth asking: Do you really need to be doing more than you already are? Today, take time to read this funny and thought provoking article on the downsides of seeking to become more and more productive:

“My personal rule is that if you aren’t quite certain that a certain action will be good for you and the world, you shouldn’t do it. Do nothing, which is likely to be pleasant and unlikely to hurt anyone. Few atrocities have been committed by people lying in bed, whereas the urge to Do Something has led to serious catastrophe. Productivity is extremely dangerous.” Productivity is dangerous

We recently came across The Outline and we think it is worth our time. Enjoy discovering it if it is new to you…and how could you not love a publication that takes time to make such awesome animated gifs as the one above?

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This Daily Stillness has been recycled from previously published ones:

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