Do you need guidance? Is it not just as simple as ‘delete app’?

Many think not. Here is some guidance from an article titled ‘What happens when you take a Facebook break?’:

  • “Remind yourself why you’re taking a break. Presumably, if you’re temporarily abstaining from Facebook, you’ve noticed some less-than-desirable consequences that it has on your life. Keeping your motivation in mind is helpful when you get a serious case of FOMO or feel tempted to give up your quest.
  • Engage more in your offline relationships. Cutting yourself off from Facebook might make you feel lonely and left out, wondering what plans your friends are making without you. Doubling down on your IRL relationships can help ensure that you continue to feel a sense of connection and belonging.
  • Notice the benefits you’re getting. While it might be easy to focus on what you’re missing, it helps to pay attention to what you’re gaining—like more time for work, exercise, or in-person hangouts.”

Today, take time to read the article and decide if a social media sabbatical is for you. What we liked about the article was that it links to some interesting recent research on the impact of social media, so do take time to click on some of the hyperlink. It includes a website where you can download the ‘gone fishing’ visual in this post. Or you could just delete the app until the new year, then come back and decide if you want to just delete that account.


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