“If we become addicted to the external our interiority will haunt us. We will become hungry with a hunger no image, person or deed can still. To be wholesome, we must remain truthful to our vulnerable complexity. In order to keep our balance, we need to hold the interior and exterior, visible and invisible, known and unknown, temporal and eternal, ancient and new together. No one else can undertake this task for you. You are the one and only threshold of your inner world. This wholesomeness is holiness. To be holy is natural; to befriend the worlds that come to balance in you.” John O’Donohue from Anam Cara

Today, just take these wonderful words with you in whatever you do. Spend your day befriending ‘the worlds that come to balance in you’. We are not even adding a visual today, nothing should distract you from the beauty of these words. You may even want to practice some passage meditation with it.


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