“…[Each] world has a song that is begun with the first life on a world, a song that sounds within the world to foster life and variation. All living creatures are a part of the song which shall be sung forever, until the last star goes out…[But] sometimes living creatures do not wish to be part of the song; they do not hear it; they rise up against it; they cry that they are larger than the song and more important than the music, and when their words drown out the song, then the world begins to die. Within the song, we are an immortal resonance. Outside it, we are like the tinkle of a tiny bell, gone quickly into nothing.”

— from Singer From the Sea by Sheri S. Tepper

We could not resist these words to illustrate some of the themes we have explored over the last few days in a more creative way. Today, go through your day being a resonance within the song – what might this mean as you encounter your tasks, activities and people in your day?

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