Tristan Harris and his ideas on human-friendly platform design has now been going for a few years: ‘Let’s reclaim our mind from being hijacked by technology’ is the underlying idea, and it has come in for some criticism of late. The Time Well Spent Project is doing a number of things and may be worth a look now at the start of the year.

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Today, we focus on changing habits rather the platform design. Tristan has some simple ideas to help us start to reclaim our minds from our smartphones:

  1. Allow notifications from people not machines
  2. Put unconscious choices at a distance
  3. Launch apps by typing
  4. Charge the phone outside the bedroom

Take time to look at the detail on his web site and also watch a short video, where he explains them. We really are not as smart as we think we are and simple ways to break unconscious habit (such a move apps around regularly or your habituated thumb ends up controlling your behaviour) may be the only place to make change happen. The page has a lot of other ideas on apps and email use – worth making time to revisit more than once.

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