“What is referred to by ‘myself’? Is there a unique core self that is ‘me’?” “What are you like as a householder (cleaning, washing, preparing meals), as a professional or as a consumer (shopping, seeking entertainment, …)? How do you change when you hear different people speaking on the other end of the telephone? How do you switch from one to another? Can you catch the moment of transition?” John Mason The Discipline of Noticing 

Today, we keep going with activities from this book. Take one or more of the questions above and carry them with you through the day. It is normal to forget, and you may catch a few moments of transition from one role in your life to another a couple of time today. We feel these practices are suitable small ways to help us ground ourselves in these changing times. The intention of this activity is to provoke you into noticing more about yourself; once again, the aim is not to change anything necessarily, but to develop disciplined noticing.

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