“Gaming can be a relaxing hobby that you can turn to when you’re beginning to feel the stresses of life and responsibilities. While most people play games to be entertained, games are also great for anxiety relief.” Anxiety Relief Games: 11 Games That Will Relax You


Today, take time to read the article and see if you feel like trying one of the 11 games it suggests. We like the post because it offers everyday games as an option to support de-stressing: “They don’t use anxiety relief as a marketing gimmick. Instead, they’re genuinely relaxing and enjoyable games that you can play when you’re experiencing an intense bout of anxiety or need a small break from the stresses of real life.” We have covered another game here on the Still Web which explores this topic Walden, we just checked on its release status and – it is live too! You can find it here. We like the conclusion of the post: “If there’s not a game on this list you enjoy, try finding slower-paced games that are relaxed on objectives, and that have a small learning curve.” It speaks to finding games, but is also a wise strategy for setting up our life goals! The Declutter the mind blog seems worth a scan for interesting posts on mental health and strategies for developing it.

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