Today, you set the intention to be mindful of your email practice. David Levy in his book Mindful Tech suggests this exercise and many others. This slide is from one of his presentations on the ideas in the book. Take time today to do his email meditation exercise and learn how to be mindful of activity. David often speaks to the futility of creating ready made guidelines for digital use, he believes in first person inquiry as an enabler; so step 3 here is key, prepare a set of personal guidelines for your future email use after you have spent today training your mind to keep coming back to one task – email in this case. Can you stay with your intent to do email? How often do you find yourself coming back? When do you notice your attention has moved on to something else? To what extent do you resist the ‘come back’ instruction even when you remember it? A key instruction: minimise self criticism, just observe and make notes. Review your notes and then create creative guidelines.


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