“If you are online a lot you may have become accustomed to scanning (or reading in an F-shape) – whizzing over words until you identify something you think is important. Focus on reading each line of text and savour every sentence.” Advice from the Slow Reading club.

Public Domain Image from Pixabay

Today read the F-Shape article first. It assumes the only way we can read online is via this F-shape pattern and that web content has to be designed for this fast reading. We can make other choices. Find an open tab you wanted to take time to read today; read it once in your usual way. Can you feel your eyes moving in the F-shape pattern? Get to the end of the page. Now go back to the start and “focus on reading each line of text and savour every sentence”. Yes, it will take a lot longer, and it may also give you some time for calm and greater understanding.

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