“The problem, the psychologists worry, is that these days we don’t wrestle with these slow moments. We eliminate them. “We try to extinguish every moment of boredom in our lives with mobile devices,” Mann says. This might relieve us temporarily, but it shuts down the deeper thinking that can come from staring down the doldrums. Noodling on your phone is “like eating junk food,” she says.” Clive Thompson

“I’M BORED” flickr photo by khalid Albaih https://flickr.com/photos/khalidalbaih/8069898007 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Today, take time to read the article and find some time in your day to just be bored out of your mind. Enjoy and do not reach for distraction. Just sit with boredom for an amount of time you choose and fix before you start the experiment. Follow through on your promise to yourself. Can you be bored for 10/20/30 minutes? Longer?

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